Janet Parrella- Van Den Berg

Designer / Founder of White & Faded / Author of Beauty Restored

Founder of White & Faded, and author of Beauty Restored, Janet’s work has been featured in some of the top design magazines including Romantic Homes. With extensive experience interior design, Janet has the ability to transform what many would write off as being a piece of trash, into a treasure fit for royals. The beauty of it is, that you too can start with a thrift store or a flee shop find, even something you pick up on the side of the road and transform it into something magnificent! Janet loves taking daunting tasks and making them doable. She also loves watching as the value of a product increases dramatically becoming a treasure you can pass down to further generations or make an income, selling it for profit!
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Hello Lovelies!

How many years have you been saying, 

“One day I will learn how to restore that,” and the project sits, or the opportunity is passed by?

"One days" can keep us from doing what we’re capable of today! 


You may look at other designers and think, I can’t do that. It’s beyond me. 

We ALL have to start somewhere, & many can attest that Janet takes intimidating projects and breaks them down into simple steps. 

"LOVE your tutorials! They always make a daunting job doable..."


Even if you’re advanced in your restoration skills, it’s easy to fall into the “one day” mentality. A little pressure to get a project done, and a community to spur you on can help you finish long awaited projects! 



Pass a treasure down as an heirloom or sell it and make a profit doing what you love! 



In our Restoration Challenges, you will not only have the opportunity to start & complete a project, but you will also be submerged in an interactive design environment. 



While our challenge trainings are live streamed daily, you can watch them at any time on demand, review segments and set your own pace! 

Our LIVE Restoration Challenges Include:

Challenges differ from online courses in that they take place in a LIVE virtual setting within a set period of time. As a participant you ALWAYS have the opportunity to watch the replays while the challenge is taking place.

  • LIVE 1-hour training sessions with the taleneted Janet Parrella Van Den Berg! (You can join live or watch on demand at any time that suits you)

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group

  • Interactive learning experience

  • The opportunity to start & finish a design project, while honing your craft.

  • No project to work on? You can still join in on the fun!

  • A chance to win a Prize Giveaway!

As Seen In


    1-hour LIVE training sessions **You can also watch ON DEMAND**




    You'll get a list of all the tools you need.


  • What is the difference between a challenge and an online course?

    A challenge is the opportunity to watch Janet Parella-Van Den Berg's trainings LIVE, in the midst of an encouraging & interactive community all while working on a project of your own. The challenges take place during a set period of days, allowing enough time to not only watch the tutorial but to apply what you have learned. ---The videos are available on-demand for the duration of the challenge so you can also watch & work at your own pace.----- An online course is on-demand and you can come and go as you please until your access to the course has expired.

  • Do I have to attend live to participate in a challenge?

    Nope! If you have to work or have other priorities during our LIVE sessions you can absolutely watch the daily training sessions when time allows. You will still be included.

  • What if I don't have the tools necessary to complete the project?

    You can still join in on the fun!

  • What does the VIP Experience include for an online challenge?

    As a VIP, you'll have the opportunity to: Participate in a LIVE Zoom call, where Janet will provide feedback and answer individual design questions that relate to the challenge. LIVE Q&A session at the beginning of each training. We will start 15 minutes prior to training, and you can show her your projects and get her professional opinion! 8:45am PST, 4:45pm Uk. For the most valuable experience, we are limiting the number of participants in this group.

  • Do you offer online restoration courses?

    Yes, we do! They are packaged and ready to go, see below.

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